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Over average, Facebook Pages are only able to reach 5-25% of entire their audience when they publish a new post. That means that if you are a Facebook user and you like a Page, a majority of the time you are not going to see new posts from that Page.

As a Facebook Page owner, that means you are only reaching a small fraction of your entire audience!

We help Facebook Page owners and users!

Facebook Page Owners

Create an awesome website where your Facebook Page audience can sign up to receive an email each morning with the posts you published on your Facebook Page the previous day!

Creating this website is quick and easy with an FPTraffic membership. Emails are sent automatically which means zero extra work for you, but much more exposure to your audience.

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FPTraffic, is used by over 10,000 Facebook Page owners and manages nearly 700,000,000 Facebook Page Likes.

Facebook Page Users

Tired of missing great posts from the Facebook Pages you Like? Tell the owner!

Simply go to the Facebook Page you're missing posts on and post a message telling the owner about FPInbox.com and ask them to check us out.

Or, you can click the button below and fill out our contact form telling us what Facebook Page you would like to see added to FPInbox and we'll reach out to the owner on your behalf :)

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We can't guarantee they'll decide to use our service, but we're happy to try.

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